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$60,586 RAISED

$100,000 GOAL

Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation Cardiovascular Fund

by Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation

The LDSF Cardiovascular Fund’s dollars will go towards research and education with the goal of gaining knowledge and ways to help those afflicted with LDS live longer and have a higher quality of life.

7 50 61%
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$5,000 GOAL

Summer Camp Food from the farm

by Coach's Club Intervention and Prevention Youth Program

There is ample research that fresh sustainable foods contain more life enhancing nutrition than other types of food. There is an abundance of these foods in our local community that does not find the children and teens in the most need of assistance.

7 1 1%
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$1,050 RAISED

$15,000 GOAL

2019 H100 Farm to Table

by Hillsides

A fundraiser for H100, this Farm to Table event on Sunday, June 2, featured our famous signature cocktails, a delicious dinner featuring local and farm fresh fare, and wine pairings for one of our three courses.

7 3 7%
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$950 GOAL

Serge for Sewing Machines

by Make Nashville

Guess what? We have lots of you who want to sew more and serge more! Let's MAKE that happen!

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$2,500 GOAL


by Habitat for Humanity of Orange County

When you give a generous gift today, you will help more hardworking, low-income families in Orange County build the strength, stability and independence they need to create a better life for themselves and their children.

7 2 6%
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$1,170 RAISED

$3,000 GOAL

Coo-loring Book Volume #1!

by Palomacy Pigeon & Dove Adoptions

Get your own official Palomacy coo-loring book! 28 ready-to-color pages featuring rescued pigeons & doves. Create & share your very own colorful works of art & help rescued birds at the same time!

7 45 39%
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$5,000 GOAL


by Athletes for Charity

Join us in supporting our efforts to benefit youth and families of East Chicago, IN.

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$12,851 RAISED

$20,200 GOAL

Register your kids and teens with Down syndrome and their siblings for summer camp!

by Sun Camp

Kids and teens are looking forward to having fun with their Sun Camp friends! Your camp fee supports staffing, facility rental, and materials for Sun Camp, focused on developing long-term friendships.

8 16 64%
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$8,003 RAISED

$40,000 GOAL

Teens of Color Abroad Pilot Program Fundraising Page

by Teens of Color Abroad

Fundraising page for Teens of Color Abroad's pilot program.

8 48 20%
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$2,000 GOAL

100 Hubcaps

by Real93543

Support 100 Hubcaps public art installation — Real93543's next community-wide, creative place-keeping project for Littlerock and the Southeast Antelope Valley.

10 14 24%
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$22,031 RAISED

$25,000 GOAL

Summer Season of Support 2019

by Cancer Support Community Pasadena

Show them you care by supporting CSCP now!

11 91 88%
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$10 GOAL

Test membership campaign

by Kavod


12 1 10%
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$2,800 GOAL

Celebrate Black Philanthropy in August

by The Be. Org

Entering its 9th year of observance, Black Philanthropy Month (BPM 2019) is here. August marks the start of Black Philanthropy Month, which celebrates black led nonprofits and black benefiting nonprofits. Show your support today.

13 4 4%
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$1,365 RAISED

$2,500 GOAL

Tenth Issue Anniversary Fundraiser

by APIARY Magazine

APIARY X is coming! Due to increased printing costs, we need help to sustain APIARY and support our launch. Help us celebrate the work of Philly writers and artists for 10 more years!

14 17 55%
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$5,000 GOAL

Back to School Recess Drive


Help us provide kids with the recess equipment they need for the 2019 school year. NEWfit’s Recess program ensures a safe, fulfilling, and fun recess experience for over 3,000 kids who would otherwise miss out on what recess can really be!

15 1 0%
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$28,313 RAISED

$25,000 GOAL

2019 Matching Funds

by Enduring Word

A foundation chose Enduring Word for a $25,000 matching funds grant. Summer is our opportunity to reach this goal. Your gift counts double, and a large portion of this campaign will fund the translation of David Guzik's commentary into other languages.

18 135 113%
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$3,283 RAISED

$1,500 GOAL

Wildlife Caretakers

by Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association

GLAZA (Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association) Monthly Giving Drive

20 20 219%
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$2,825 RAISED

$30,000 GOAL

The STRAWS Film impact campaign in NC Coastal Counties has 3 initiatives: education, advocacy, and activism.

by Straws

Bring plastic pollution awareness and education to NC public schools! Help us offer 60 registered NC coastal public schools free STRAWS film screenings followed by a Q&A, plastic reduction education, and NGSS, STEM congruent classroom Lesson Plans.

21 10 9%
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$6,000 RAISED

$10,000 GOAL

RTC Red Carpet Gala Sponsorship

by Resident Theatre Company

Become a Sponsor for RTC's 2019 Gala and get great perks while helping to bring New york theatre to Chester County.

22 4 60%
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$1,030 RAISED

$1,500 GOAL

Midsummer Hike's Dream

by Latino Outdoors

Your contribution will help us provide more outdoors experiences for children, youth, and families.

24 20 69%
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$75,000 GOAL

PLAYDATE 2019 KCM Membership Page

by Kidspace Children's Museum

Why should kids have all the fun? Join us as we celebrate 40 years of Kidspace! This after-hours event will feature food, drinks, and activities throughout the museum for our 21+ guests.

25 2 0%
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$2,000 GOAL

2019 Baltimore Rhythm Festival

by Baltimore Rhythm Festival

The Baltimore Rhythm Festival is an entirely free event and is made possible by contributors like you. This unique festival brings people together through the gift of rhythm. Join us Sept. 14!

25 1 2%
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$5,000 GOAL

National Expungement Week 2019 - Colorado

by Cage-Free Repair

In 2019, National Expungement Week will return to Colorado. These record sealing events will help people who have been impacted by the justice system to begin restoring access to jobs, housing, the right to vote and more. Thank you for getting involved!

26 0 0%
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$30,000 GOAL

(Test) #BeeTheSolution - Let's Create 200+ Bee Sanctuaries in the US

by The Honeybee Conservancy

Let's #BeeTheSolution together and create 200+ bee sanctuaries to pollinate, educate, and empower communities nationwide. Research is showing that 40% of bees worldwide are threatened. It's time to take action and help the bees!

27 0 0%
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$1,500 GOAL

Help us kick-off another successful year

by Bedtime in a Box

Please consider making a donation to Bedtime in a Box and the purchase of items and delivery of Boxes to children and families. With your support, we can help thousands of families build a better tomorrow.

29 4 58%
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