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We are so excited for our community retreat at Friendly Crossways on June 21st through June 23rd

The retreat is a time for our community to come together.  If you have questions or want to get more involved please email Rachel Berkowitz (rnberkowitz@gmail.com) or Will Schwartz (will.m.schwartz@gmail.com)


By coming on a retreat you automatically become a member.  If you want to sign up as a member ahead of time you can here: bit.ly/kavodmembership2019.  If you have questions reach out to Aviva (membership@kavodhouse.com)

About payment:

In the past, Kavod has subsidized the cost of the retreat for all members who attended. While the cost per person was $160, everyone paid a subsidized price of $75 or less.  Recognizing that our members come from different financial means and abilities to pay, we are offering more transparency and flexibility in pricing. If you are able to, we would encourage you to cover the full cost of your attendance at the retreat. We also suggest a subsidized cost for those who are not able to afford the full price, however, you may also pay more or less than this. Ultimately it is up to you to consider your financial situation and decide what you are able to pay. Unlike in past years, you will not have to request financial assistance. Simply enter what you are able to pay to reserve your spot. 

Member Subsidized Cost: $75 
Non-member Subsidized Cost: $111
Member Full cost: $160
Non-Member Full Cost $196

If you have any questions about payment, please reach out to Nora (finance@kavodhouse.com)